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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i'm still fired up, but i've got work to do! >> one more day! one more day! >> after two years and $2 billion, now we are down to the wire. tonight, the first returns are in and it's a result that they've never seen there before. >> good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. the campaigning is over. it is now up to the voters. >> mitt romney and president obama held their last rallies about three hours ago. and the cbs 5 reporter tara tells us, the first results of the election are in. >> reporter: that's right. where the first votes have come in, it is a tie. a little disconverting to the folks who were afraid this race would turn out to be a tie.
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meantime, the candidates are working it right down to the very last minute. they're in the most competitive states today, knowing that every vote counts. and it really does. voters in new hampshire cast their ballots at midnight. and if their votes are any indication, tuesday could be a very long day. >> this has never happened before. we have a tie. five votes each. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney buzzed through battleground states monday on a final push for votes on the eve of election day. his stops included opening acts from bruce springsteen and jay- z. he told supporters romney's campaign is a greatest hits collection of failed policies. >> the top-down policies that caused the mess we've been fighting our way out of for four years, we're moving forward to a future... >> reporter: the president wrapped up his last political
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campaign in iowa, the state where he won his first presidential campaign victory in 2008. president obama will monitor the returns from his hometown of chicago. mitt romney's campaign will await the results in boston. the republican nominee finished his campaign in new hampshire. he says president obama failed to deliver the change he promised. romney says his plan will deliver that change. >> if you, like me, believe we can do better, and if you believe america should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote and to work for real change and make that happen tomorrow! >> reporter: the president and governor romney raised a combined $2 billion on the campaign trail. >> so tara, the national polls show a dead heat. but we all know it comes down to the electoral college. where do the numbers stand heading into this race right now? >> reporter: 270 key electoral votes. if you look at the number of
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maps, they're all over the board. but if you take the real clear average, they have president obama at 201 and mitt romney at 191. now, you've got 11 swing states with 46 electoral votes. all of the races very close, including within a margin of error. and that includes ohio, which, dana, many think will turn this race. >> all right. it begins very soon. it's already started in new hampshire. >> that's right. >> a tie. tara in washington, thank you. two wealthy california siblings are digging deep into their pockets to make sure their ballot initiatives win tomorrow. charles monger pumped tens of millions into supporting proposition 32 that would stop unions from using payroll- deducted funds for political purposes. his sister molly has spent $47
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million supporting proposition 38 which would raise money for education. by a state supreme court ruling, we still don't know who is behind an $11 million effort to defeat prop 32. we do know the money came from the virginia-based americans for responsible leadership and the arizona center to protect patient rights. who is behind these two conservative groups? it's a good question, because their donors turned out to be other nonprofits and those individual contributors names remain secret. >> transparency is the life blood of democracy. the transactions are the equivalent of passing a suitcase in a dark alley. >> the fair political practices commission says the secret donation amounts to money laundering and violates california campaign law. speaking of prop 30, the governor is really sticking his neck out on this. this is the proposition that
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would raise taxes for education, but it's a tough sell. the last poll found support under 50%. cbs 5 reporter linda yee asks the governor if he should have done anything differently. >> keep the california dream alive, yes on 30! thanks! >> reporter: it was the ultimate pep rally with a few of the governor's friends leading the cheers. >> are we gonna do it? >> yes! >> all right! all right! >> reporter: governor jerry brown barn stormed the state today. recent polls show support dwindling for a major that will raise income taxes for those making more than $250,000 a year and also impose an extra quarter cent sales tax. >> so the governor is asking for your help. will you give it! okay! >> reporter: brown says without tax hikes, get ready for deeper cuts. >> $27 billion of red ink in debt. and we've cut, we've slashed.
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i mean, it's amazing. >> reporter: the projected $6 billion a year raised by the new taxes will go to education for k through 12th grades and community colleges. and it guarantees funding for public safety services. but polls show less than 50% of the voters support higher taxes. defeat is a real possibility. >> if you could do it over again, what would you do? >> i think i'd do it just the same. i've worked hard, told the truth. i've leveled with the people. when i ran for governor, i said i would ask the people if they wanted to raise taxes if they thought it was important. we're asking the people. and whatever they say, we'll carry it out. >> the governor mentioned it like a doomsday scenario. do you see that happens if this doesn't pass? >> i'm not going to predict doom for this state because i just would never do that but i think it would be a very rough go. >> reporter: traditionally tax initiatives fail if they fall
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below 50% the night before the election. the governor says if prop 30 fail, schools will get clobbered even more, including a reduction of the school year by three weeks. we invite you to stay with cbs 5 for the up-to-the-minute campaign 2012 result. special live coverage will begin at 4 tomorrow afternoon and we will also stream results live on a man accused of smashing the windshield of a muni bus after the giants world series win says he's sorry. 22-year-old gregory graniss asked for forgiveness from the public, who identified him after a social media man hunt. he pleaded not guilty to two felony counts today. graniss says he is ashamed and hopes to make amends. after the windshield was smashed, other vandals set fire to the bus. the jury sent a loud and clear message today. if you suspect that a child has been abused, you had better call police.
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a principal at a san jose elementary school learned that lesson the hard way. cbs 5 reporter kiet do tells us what happened. >> we the jury in the above- entitled action find the defendant, lyn vijayendran, guilty. >> reporter: former principal lyn vijayendran dabbed away tears as the guilty verdict came down. the jury sent a strong message to school staff everywhere. follow your instincts. >> she stuck her head in the stand when she should have been pulling the alarm. >> reporter: it all began on october of 2011 when the then- principal met with the parent of a second grader. the eight-year-old student said her teacher, craig chandler, blindfolded her and made her lay down in the classroom. they were alone. the student felt something gooey. she felt like maybe it was his tongue on her feet. chandler continued, and at one point the student said she inserted something in her
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mouth. lyn vijayendran confronted him. as a result, at least one other student was at least also allegedly molested. >> do you think the principal was just naive? >> i think she didn't want this ugly thing to be true. >> the prosecutor said the principal was a nice person who made a terrible judgment call. >> i'm sure she's done a lot of wonderful things in her life. this was a big failure on a big day. >> vijayendran testified she hadn't gotten training on how to spot child abuse. jurors hope this will be a wake- up call for districts to do better. >> she got horrible advice from hr and she didn't do what she knew she should do. she had a suspicion and she didn't act on it, and the consequences were horrible. >> reporter: she was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service. a fabulous day, now it's a
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beautiful night in the bay area. cbs 5 meteorologist paul deanno tells us we broke some records today. >> we did. record highs in oakland, monterey. we had salinas with an all-time record high. santa clara, 85 today. mountain view, half moon bay, palo alto, berkeley, san ramon, san jose, 83. also a record in concord. we'll talk about when that heat is going to move out and when very chilly weather will move in, coming up. what is prop 32? and what about prop 32! >> ooh, i don't know 32. >> still confused about all those propositions? the new computer game that breaks it down. what you don't want to get
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too close to. the ultimate guys ride the new luxury trucks ,,,,,,,,,,
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the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at propositions? cbs 5 reporter, christin ayers shs us: 2 cal grads have createa fun and easy way to so, have you waded through the sample ballot yet to learn the state propositions! there's an election tomorrow. okay. listen up. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers shows us what two cal grads have created to help us. >> reporter: an avatar. >> i'll tell you all about genetically modified food. >> reporter: this is not your average ballot measure guide. think of it as schoolhouse rock for the digital aid. >> propositions are usually full of jargon. >> reporter: they created this
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website. >> it's like you're laughing when you're watching it. >> reporter: to educate voters, especially young ones, about california's eleven propositions. couldn't we all use a little help? >> how informed do you feel about the propositions? >> not too informed. >> what's prop 32? >> no. >> what's prop 30? do you know? >> something either yes or no on. >> what's prop 37. >> labeling gmo's so i would vote yes on that one. >> and what about prop 32? >> ooh, i don't know 32. >> so if you're going to spend an hour educating yourself about if props... >> reporter: it's not the first time a project has done this. the nonprofit center budget hero let's you create your own budget based on romney's proposal. >> it sound like it could definitely help. >> some of the feedback was, oh, why wasn't this out earlier?
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i just sent in my ballot. they're ecofriendly and can save you a bundle on electricity. but it turns out those new energy-efficient lightbulbs may have a dark side. elizabeth cook explains. >> reporter: few of us would expose ourselves to the sun's deadly ultraviolet rays without some protection. but you may already be doing that, inside your home with these. >> when there's something in your house, you don't perceive any danger, so you wouldn't get that close to an x-ray in a doctor's office. >> reporter: a new report found these money saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation. they were randomly tested and the rays are so strong they can actually burn your skin and skin cells. >> the results were that you
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could actually initiate what we believe is cell death. >> reporter: in other words, exposure to the bulbs could lead to premature aging. what's worse, doctors say, the ultra violate rays can even cause skin cancer. in every testing, they found the protective coating was cracked, allowing dangerous ultraviolet rays to escape. >> everything can cause cancer these days, but... >> reporter: adding to concerns, the federal government is phasing out the old incandescent bulbs altogether in favor of compact fluorescents. >> it makes me less inclined to buy them but there's no lightbulbs really good these days anyways. >> reporter: the industry says the bulbs are safe but admits they do admit ultraviolet rays. in a statement, they insist, quote, the levels of uv
1:56 am
radiation is acceptably blow and went on to say they're safe under normal use. >> we're not telling people to throw away these bulbs. >> reporter: researchers say be safe by exercising caution. always stand at least three feet away from the lamp, because even a shade won't protect you. >> they are energy efficient. it's a matter of distance. >> all right. gas at over $4 a gallon. doesn't matter. large luxury trucks are selling like crazy. the ford f series was the best- selling vehicle in the country. but these aren't your average pickups. allen martin shows us they come with so many bells and whistles, you may need a driver's lesson. >> reporter: so let's talk about trucks. mike lunsford is picking up his new truck. >> you have cars. why don't you have those? >> my wife has those. >> reporter: yep. mike drives truck.
1:57 am
he sort of has to, since he has a construction company. but he also drives to the mountains, hauls a travel trailer and will do it with his new $40,000 pickup with leather seats. >> i'll put a back window in it that opens up. i'll put flares on the fenders. >> reporter: his truck will look like, well, not your father's pickup, especially my dad's. >> my dad used to talk about the model t. they've come a long way, baby. >> it's come a long way. it has. >> reporter: we all know guys love trucks but it's not just contractors. apparently, guys love fancier trucks. this cadillac escalade truck has a sticker price of $73,000. despite the downturn in construction and high gas prices, nationally, sales of the ford if-series were up a reported 11.5% this last summer. the ford store in morgan hill
1:58 am
says it's more like 50%. >> most people come and they're ready to get the truck. and they're now driving just like cars. and the amenities inside of them, it's crazy. >> reporter: you're a chevy man? chevrolet in vallejo says sales are up 100% from a year ago. while most people aren't buying a 75,000 escalade pickup, they are buying trucks that are loaded with a top-of-the line computer system. >> it will tell you where the closest gas stations are with the lowest priced gas within 20 miles. >> reporter: in the areas of the country where you might need it, a truck's navigation weather system can even warn a driver there's a hail storm coming, even a tornado. will has been teaching new truck owners how the complicated computer systems work. >> you can check the forecast. if you're going to go skiing this weekend, you can even check the skiing conditions. it will give you the snow
1:59 am
level, if the lifts are open. >> reporter: or even if it's just a pickup to load lumber or,
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could be a tale of two seasons coming up. summer to start and winter to finish, which is going to bypass fall. 56 in concord, cooling off rapidly. high-def doppler, zooming down
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on the peninsula. san mateo, redwood city, all looking good. well into the 70's tomorrow. the reason why? big ridge of high pressure. look at that big clockwise flow sending the storm track up into british columbia. high pressure does not move tomorrow, so our weather does not change. you get near-record warm for a second day. the weather does change starting wednesday. on shore flow returns to the bay area. by thursday, a front moves through. we'll see rain. by friday, the same spots in the 80's's tomorrow will likely not even make it to 60. so sunny, much cooler weather as soon as wednesday. snow level, let's drop it down to 3,000 feet on friday. skiers, rejoice! downtown san francisco tomorrow, 11 degrees above average. livermore into the 80's. san jose, 79.
2:02 am
fremont, 78. low 80's from pleasanton. downtown san francisco, 77. no reason weather-wise not to vote. cooler wednesday. showers move in thursday and friday. we'll be clear for the weekend. we'll be clear for the weekend. partly sunny skies. ,,,,,,
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the oval offic the warriors had a chance to go to 3-and-0 on the road for the first time since bill clinton was in the oval office.
2:04 am
0-and-4 start. they went on to a 16-0 run. demarcus cousins caught the warriors sleeping. but then the comeback begins. this was the big one. curry adds 12. golden state with a chance to win it. 10 seconds left. they gave it to clay thompson. can he get it to fall? oh! no! but... there's still 1.3 second left. they got the ball back. curry for the win! oh, no. kings win 94-92. warriors are now 2-and-2. darren mcfadden has not played a full season. it's likely not going to happen this year either. after having an mri this morning, he hurt the ankle on his first carry. however, dennis allen has not
2:05 am
ruled him out for sunday's game in baltimore. how about this? andrew luck threw for 433 yards yesterday in the colts' win over the dolphins. today he said he would give himself a c for his play this year. but andrew luck has already tied manning for 300-yard passing games in their rookie season. and luck has already passed alex smith, who had just 300- yard passing games in seven and a half years. incredible. i have in my hand the monday night top 5. no. 5, leo. the second... not so good. have a nice trip. no. 4, the eagles riley cooper was playing possum. the saints didn't see him. brandon boykin. that's a touchdown. but wait. called back. illegal lateral.
2:06 am
no. 3, monday night football. drew brees extended his record of touchdown passes to 51. the saints win 28-13. and no. 2, santa cruz, cold water classic. park kinson is a three-time tour runner-up, hoping he won't be a fourth-time brides maid this week. and no. 1, this horse appeared to be spooked. the horse threw his jockey and took off. you know where he was found? in,,,,,,,,
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all right. tomorrow is election day. we expect you to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[♪...] >> announcer: the following program is brought to you by nopalea, the anti-inflammatory wellness drink by trivita. reay tuned to learn how you can

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